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Jeroen Mulder
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From the department of social responsibility, we try to promote a new business ethic, within and outside company. We are committed to developing activities and actions to raise awareness in the credibility and coherence that characterise the brand. Thus we are expanding our field of action and strengthening our vocation of social transformation.

Institute of Social Innovation of ESADE:

El Naturalista is one of the four companies analysed by the business centre as it is deemed an example of business innovation and sustainability at world level.

El Jardín del vecino (The other side of the fence):

Since 2011 at El Naturalista we have been creating a new internal space to train, inform and strengthen corporate identity and team work. This is an internal meeting that is held every two months, in which members of all areas of the company take part.

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We work to leave the world a better place than the one we found. We know it's not easy: there's a lot to learn and a long road ahead. But we believe that this is the way to change the world, just as nature has done for millions of years.

Because, at El Naturalista, we realise that things can be done better or worse, but we always try to do them better.

Trying a better way represents a new way of doing things: the invitation to choose and discover 1 and 999 ways of how not to do things, like Thomas Edison, is a continuous struggle, with constant innovation; in short, to do things better.

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Everything flows, everything changes, nothing stays the same, everything is in constant flux …

The frog always changes its skin but underneath it is essentially unchanged: never satisfied, always jumping and fighting against stagnation in its simple, uncomplicated way.