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Rob Lovink

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A shoe, lots of white space and plenty of scope for the imagination – the Tamaris recipe for success is as simple as it is ingenious – and enduring love of the product. Tamaris symbolises the fashion expectations of the quality-aware, cost-conscious woman who sees a brand not just as a lifestyle label, but who also values it as a personal promise of performance.

Whether an extravagant must-have straight off the catwalk, a casual sneaker or a fashionable take on a classic – Europe's no. 1 shoe brand is an all-time favourite on the paved runways. For the modern woman – influenced more than ever by lifestyle developments – the Tamaris brand represents quality coupled with design, zeitgeist and emotionality.

Always a step ahead: Each season, the label creates a diverse world of footwear just waiting to be discovered by trend-conscious women. For the modern woman, the Tamaris collection an exceptional choice of styles with just the right shoe for every occasion. This unique positioning in the market now means that every second woman in Germany owns at least one pair of Tamaris shoes. With brand awareness at over 70%, Europe's best-known shoe label has become the flagship of the sector