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Founded in 2012 By Carla and Berna Toral , after years of experience in the shoe business with other shoe brands since 1995, Toral is a Spanish brand blending trends and craftsmanship, based on cutting-edge designs, presents dynamic and real life silhouettes collection.

Care free mood and rock chic style starring the collections. Toral advocates of the shoe with a personal character


The Toral Philosophy Based on ground-breaking designs and constant research into trends and materials, Toral presents a dynamic and innovative footwear collection every season. With its specialist team of young professionals, Toral pursues the goal of producing the perfect shoe for every woman, adapting it to the requirements of each stage in her life. Sold in the best shops across a number of countries, Toral is a new concept in women's footwear.



Toral's top priority is customer satisfaction, which drives a constant requirement to achieve the highest quality standards. This means that quality control is not confined to one department alone, but to every single person who plays a role in making the product. Under the MADE IN SPAIN logo, Toral manufactures every item of footwear in Spanish factories and all materials are subjected to stringent quality control procedures to obtain the very best results. Toral, a new concept of design and quality in women's footwear.


Toral is run by a talented team of people who are passionate about making well-designed women's footwear. These young professionals are not just an enthusiastic bunch, they are a valuable source of expertise, putting all their energy into making Toral a leader in women's footwear.